This is a summary view of OpenAddresses data. 477,857,504 addresses have been processed as of Monday, Mar 23, 2020. Out of 2,552 sources, 1,669 have completed.

We update these zipped global and regional address collections regularly:

Collection What’s Included Freely Shareable Share-Alike Required
Data can be copied, redistributed, and adapted. In some cases attribution is required. See license file included in download for details. Data is offered under a share-alike license. Copies or adaptations must be released under the same or similar licence as the original.
Global Everything 10GB 615MB
U.S. Northeast List of states by region 592MB  
U.S. Midwest List of states by region 612MB  
U.S. South List of states by region 1.7GB  
U.S. West List of states by region 856MB 19MB
Europe List of European countries 2.3GB 534MB
Asia/Oceania List of Asian, Oceania countries 1.4GB  
South America Countries in South America 1.1GB 62MB
North America (except U.S.) Countries in North America 956MB  

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Name Type Cached? Processed? Problems
ar/c/city_of_buenos_aires 2020-03-23 zip  
at/31254 2020-03-23 zip  
at/31255 2020-03-23 zip  
at/31256 2020-03-23 zip  
at/city_of_vienna 2020-03-23 zip  
at/tirol 2020-03-23 zip  
au/act/statewide 2020-03-23 zip  
au/countrywide 2020-03-23 zip  
au/nsw/statewide 2020-03-23 zip  
au/qld/brisbane_city_council 2020-03-23 zip SourceProblem.no_coverage ( log )
au/qld/city_of_gold_coast 2020-03-23 zip SourceProblem.no_coverage ( log )
au/qld/logan_city 2020-03-23 zip SourceProblem.no_coverage ( log )
au/qld/statewide 2020-03-23 zip  
au/qld/sunshine_coast_council 2020-03-23 zip SourceProblem.no_coverage ( log )
au/qld/townsville_city_council 2020-03-23 zip SourceProblem.no_coverage ( log )
au/tas/launceston_city_council 2020-03-23 zip  
au/tas/statewide 2020-03-23 zip  
au/vic/city_of_greater_geelong 2020-03-23 zip SourceProblem.no_coverage ( log )
au/vic/city_of_melbourne 2020-03-23 zip SourceProblem.no_coverage ( log )
au/vic/statewide 2020-03-23 zip  

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